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   The mission of The Lewis School is to educate and to empower bright, creative young people whose scholastic achievement and human potential are compromised by unresolved, language-based learning differences related to dyslexia ADHD, auditory processing, and executive functioning. It is to provide these promising students with the most exceptional multisensory educational opportunity possible within a school community specifically attuned and responsive to each student’s academic needs, and to the nurture of the whole person. It is to explore and prosper each student’s gifts and great promise.

Realizing the gifts and great promise of all learning different persons

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   Founded in 1973, The Lewis School is a leading research-based, non-profit, co-educational college preparatory school in Princeton, New Jersey, that serves pre-kindergarten through high school and post-graduate age students impacted by language based learning differences.

   The Lewis School is a warm, enthusiastic, child-centered environment where master teachers, learning specialists and ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists tailor their strategies and mentoring to each child’s specific academic strengths and weaknesses, aptitudes and interests.

   The school, which combines its Clinic for Educational Therapy and Teacher Training, has developed an integrated system of education that replaces rote learning, memorization, and the teaching of scatter skills with systematic, individualized, multisensory processes and strategies that engage the many capacities and senses of the brain in the learning experience.

   The Lewis School is ungraded and serves pre-kindergarten through high school age students. It also provides educational intervention and support for high school post-graduates, gap year students, and college students looking to build stronger reading, writing, and study skills. Lewis is fully accredited by the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS), and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and The Orton International Dyslexia Society.

Chantra Reinman, Topics and Trends in Education

“Dyslexia: Unwrapping the Gift”

Join us in a panel discussion as we meet four former Lewis students from various walks of life and in different stages of their careers.
Topics and Trends in Education
December 5, 2018
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
The Lewis School

Scare Away Hunger

The Scare Away Hunger project asks the Lewis community to bring canned foods between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Her goal is to create a “Great Wall of Cans” that, when brought down, would open up possibilities to children who are hungry during this season of plenty.

The Boy Who Became a Visionary Entrepreneur: The Story of Fred Beer

“Oh I remember you…you were the kid that never got anything right on your spelling tests,” said a student to the new boy in his seventh grade class.

Princeton Magazine Q&A with Chantra Reinman

“Throughout all of my years in education, I have believed in the mission and vision of this school…When the mechanics of learning to learn are addressed, children are free to be the creative explorers they were always meant to be. We believe in the potential of every child.”

Lewis School Teacher Brings Lewis Approach to Ghana

This summer, Lewis master teacher and learning specialist, Keara Kilpatrick, was invited to teach at an orphanage in Ghana, West Africa. As a Lewis educator, she took the teaching and learning approaches developed by Marsha Gaynor Lewis for The Lewis...
2018 Graduates

Lewis Class of 2018 Earns $1.6 million in Merit Scholarship

We are proud to report that the 2018 college-bound students have earned Merit Scholarship Awards totaling $1.6 million! In her poignant comment, senior Alison Gause reminds us of the first – and likely the most difficult – step on the journey toward independence

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