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The Clinic

Welcome to The Lewis Clinic. The integration of School and Clinic is one of our most important differences and our greatest strength. The two entities integrate experiences garnered on both sides of the educational blackboard: the perspective of multisensory educational practices in the classroom, and the perspective of clinical research into the brain’s learning processes.

Educational Assessment

Each child is assessed at The Lewis Clinic as part of the admissions process.  Nationally normed, standardized tests are integrated with other perceptual motor, and expressive-receptive speech and language testing. Additional tests include, among others, assessment of short-term and active working memory systems, lateral dominance preferences, directionality of pencil performance, and visual-motor and auditory-motor integration. Test results are scored by hand and error types – and the reasons for them – are analyzed. The underlying causes of learning failure are explored in The Lewis Clinic.

Though it is part of the admissions process to The Lewis School, the educational evaluation is also offered to anyone who wishes to understand his or her learning profile, language processing skills, areas of strengths and areas for improvement.

Professional Development and Outreach

The Clinic extends educational opportunities and professional development to teachers, parents, and the community.  A monthly lecture series is provided on various Topics and Trends in Education. Each lecture is followed by an interactive panel discussion, where questions, differing opinions and stories are shared.

The goal of this lecture series is to promote conversation and exchange perspectives on complex topics that have an impact on children’s learning. Please Contact Us for upcoming Events

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