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Multiple intelligence is not just a theory; it is fundamental in our understanding of the gifts and promise of our children. Lewis offers creative outlets in the visual, musical and performing arts.

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts Program offers students a variety of ways to discover, create and explore their inner artist. The elements of art and the principles of design are introduced, reinforced and reviewed. Students explore the history of art and discover the distinctive styles of celebrated artists. Each art project provides students the opportunity to cultivate their individual creative strokes and their unique sense of self–expression. Fine motor skills are further developed through the art-making process.

The Music Program covers music theory, history, appreciation, songwriting and composition. A foundation in music theory is balanced with an appreciation of music and creative expression.

​Students are offered the opportunity to explore music further after school.  For those whose primary instrument is voice, there is the Lewis Choir, which meets weekly and performs in two formal concerts during the year.  For those who wish to develop instrumental skills, there is an opportunity for them to take individual or small group lessons.

Performing Arts
At Lewis, there are many opportunities for musical and theatrical expression.  The Choir performs at various events throughout the year.  For the budding actors, there are opportunities to enjoy the magic of theater.  The Lower School students put on an annual musical production, while the Middle and Upper School Theater Ensemble interprets the great works of dramatists, and adapts them onto the Lewis stage.

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