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Welcome to the 2022 school year.

Dear Lewis School Community,

   This September’s return to campus will reunite our community with the School’s familiar warmth, positivity, and love of learning. We are delighted to announce the return of Extended Day and Speech Department enrichment, athletics, tutorials, clubs, and special programs that have distinguished The Lewis School experience for decades.

   The coming year will be an exciting time of reflection and celebration as we approach our Fiftieth Anniversary at the forefront of educational innovation and change. The story of The Lewis School is a remarkable legacy of hope, healing, and possibility. We are a place where students learn to achieve and thrive, a place to experience the freedom and independence that come with educational opportunity, newfound confidence, and happiness and pride in hard-won accomplishment and success.

   Great schools transform community and the pathways of life. A noble mission provides insight, new energy, inspiration and change where they are most needed. A skillfully attuned, responsive education motivates and empowers students for a lifetime of growth and service. However, there are no viable classrooms, proud legacies or memorable victories without gifted, expert teachers who make it possible to leave the old stories behind, unravel past disappointment, set down fresh new beginnings, and restore the dreams.

   Great teachers value and champion their students completely. They summon and engage students’ best character and aspirations as they guide them safely through the rough passages that come. The most significant contribution a school can offer each student is the attention and nurture of a great teacher and an education that works. The Lewis School has provided such a place for thousands of young people and adults who have distinguished themselves in their private and professional lives over the years since 1973.

   In closing, there is important organizational and strategic planning to share going forward. One key aspect focuses on our own extraordinary community of expert professionals who are assuming new leadership roles and training the next generation of Lewis School Master Teachers. Shortly, parents and students will be introduced to a group of accomplished newcomers to the School, who bring with them fresh inspiration, teaching innovation, and experience and credentials that align ideally with our mission and vision for the future.

   ‘No single measure can guarantee protection against the persistent public health challenges we face.’ However, careful research and planning have significantly impacted individual and community risk at Lewis. No matter what comes, our experience teaches that with flexibility and reasonable caution, we can keep students and teachers adequately safe, classes in session, and extra-curricular student life thriving.

Looking Forward to a Wonderful Year,

Marsha Gaynor Lewis
Director and Founder

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